Reboot Your Router ASAP

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The F.B.I. has released an urgent public service announcement requesting that everyone with a router reboot it immediately, as it may be have been infected with a new malware outbreak.  If you have a router, turn it off.  Then, turn it back on again. Hundreds of thousands of routers around the world have been compromised… continue reading »

Computer Security Made Simple

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Securing your computer against viruses and other threats is a common concern. Yet many people simply stick with whatever security program their computer happens to come with… if there even is security on it at all! Even if you do have security software installed, you may be paying too much. Or, you might not have… continue reading »

Information Security 101: Malware

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One of the most troublesome facets of the information age is the prevalence of cyber crime. While a dauntingly technical subject matter for many, defending yourself from these threats requires only a basic understanding of how they work, as well as a healthy dose of skepticism and common sense. In this multipart series, I will… continue reading »

Cleanup Your Junk

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Computer performance gets bogged down with usage and time. Web browsers, other programs, and even the Windows and Mac systems themselves fail to cleanup after themselves, allowing temporary data files to accumulate. These files are downloaded and utilized during system updates, general web browsing, and other common tasks. Yet when no longer needed, this garbage… continue reading »

In The Meantime…

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Howdy folks. I am making good progress getting this site up and running. Expect to see my first real post within the next week. In the meantime, please enjoy some humorous yet fairly accurate computer advice. 😉   Source: GraphJam

Coming Soon…

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Hi there. Please stay tuned as I prepare to blog about computer tips and tricks for 2016 and beyond.